The Bouncer by Lou Ferstadt

Louis Goodman Ferstadt was a comic book artist, writer and editor. Born in Ukraine, he moved to the US before the Soviets rose to power. Ferstadt worked in advertising in the 1920s and went into comic book art in the 1930s. He worked through studios like Demby, Eisner/Iger and Funnies Inc. From 1942 to 1945, he had his own shop, the Ferstadt Studio, which employed among others Harvey Kurtzman. Ferstadt has done art on titles by Quality Comics ('Plastic Man', 'The Human Bomb'), Fox ('The Bouncer'), Timely/Atlas ('Red Raven', 'The Vision', 'Whizzer'), National/DC ('Flash', 'Green Lantern') and Harvey ('The Black Cat', 'Captain Freedom').

Ferstadt was also a painter, who created murals at the RCA Building and the Eighth Street Subway for the 1939 World's Fair. He additionally drew a regular comic strip for the leading US Communist newspaper, the Daily Worker.

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