comic panel by Anke Feuchtenberger

Born in East Berlin in the DDR, Anke Feuchtenberger studied graphics at the Kunsthochschule in Berlin. Shortly before the Berlin Wall came down Anke was the co-founder of the group Glühende Zukunft (Glowing Future). The group carried out a number of political and artistic actions in the public space, such as graffiti and wall paintings. After 1989 the group combined their experiences with the Eastern European visual arts with the Western narrative tradition of the comic. The group show their work at both galleries and comic festivals.

She makes illustrations and comics in a very recognizable style, drawing naked, childlike creatures with huge heads, which usually wander through strange, dream-like landscapes. Her fantastically haunting stories are a mixture of nightmare and fairy tale. Her first book, 'Herzhaft - lebenslänglich', appeared in 1993, and since then, several others have been published, of which 'Die kleine Dame' (1997) was created with Katrin de Vries. Some of her other works are 'Mutterkuchen', 'Die Hure H', 'Die Biographie der Frau Trockenthal' and 'Der Palast'. Most of it has been published by Jochen Enterprises.

She has also been co-editor on the female only comic anthology Echolot (2001). And in cooperation with the Israeli group Actus Tragicus she has created the graphic novel The Crossing which appeared in the book Happy End in 2002. Anke Feuchtenberger has had many exhibitions all over Europe, in Warsaw and New York. Since 1997, she has been a professor of arts at the Fachhochschule für Gestaltung in Hamburg.

illustration by Anke Feuchtenberger

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