Didi und Stulle, by Fil

Fil Tägert was born in Berlin, where he still lives and works as a comic artist. His first works were printed in the Berliner city magazine Zitty, when he was only 14 years old. He still makes the series 'Didi & Stulle' for this paper. He created the weekly comic strip 'Lilli und Poldi' in Jungle World. Later on, he came up with the Harry Potter parody 'Larry Potter'. His work has been collected in albums like 'Veröffentlichungen: Die Ulkigsten Kommix' (1990), 'Stups und Krümel', 'The Return of Ernst', 'Always Ultra' # 1-3, 'Einen drin' (1998), 'Höllenglocken' (1999), and 'Sie nannten ihn Didi & Stulle' (2000). He is also a musician.

Larry Potter, by Fil

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