Fire-Man, by Martin Filchock (1938)

Martin, or "Marty" Filchock was a Golden Age artist, who did his first professional work for Bill Cooke of Funny Pages in New York. Starting in the 1930s, he did funny features like 'The C.C. Kid' and 'Windy'. He and his characters later moved over to Centaur, where he also worked with superheroes like 'Mighty Man', 'Fire-Man', 'The Owl' and 'Electro Bolt'. Filchock has also done most of the cover illustrations for the unpublished comic magazine Motion Picture Funnies Weekly.

Dopey Kits, by Martin Filchock

During the War, Filchock did gag cartoons for army cartoon magazines. When Centaur switched from comics to crossword puzzles after the war, Filchock drew over hundred covers for the crossword magazines. He then focused on cartooning. One of his most famous creations is 'Check... and Double Check', a regular feature in Highlights for Children magazine since 1973.

Check... and Double Check, by Martin Filchock

He also drew a religious strip called 'Denny and Diane' for the National Research Bureau for more than 40 years. In 2004, already in his 90s, he took over 'Cy's Super Service' in Electrical Apparatus after the death of Joe Buresch.

Cy's Super Service, by Martin Filchock

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