Abrafaxe, by Jens Fischer

Jens Fischer was born in Kölleda and is part of the Mosaik team since 1995. Before joining the official team, Fischer was a member of the Mosaik-Club Apolda and drew regularly for the fanzine Mosaiker. In 1994, he started contributing illustrations to Mosaik, and he became a staff member of the Mosaik artist team the following year. He illustrated stories with the 'Abrafaxe' for Tele-Lotto and contributed to storylines like 'Sibylla', 'Wido-Wexelgelt' and 'Orient-Express'. He is the creator of side characters like the O'Meany brothers, Ori, Toshiko, Angelique de Beauteville, Don Ferrando and Rabbi Josephas.

comic art by Jens Fischercomic art by Jens Fischer

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