Adventures in the Unknown, by Ben Flinton

Bernard Woodrow Flinton was a comic book artist during the Golden Age of American comics. He was educated at the Massachusetts School of Art. In 1939, he drew the first episodes of 'Adventures in the Unknown', a science fiction series that ran in All-American Comics from issue 1. Soon afterwards, he was assigned by National/DC to create 'The Atom' with Bill O'Connor in the same comic book. He also did the 'Jimmy Stone' and 'Cliff Cornwall' features. His work for other companies included the naval series 'The Phantom Sub' for Novelty Comics, 'The Hand' for Harvey Comics, and 'Flexo' and 'Flying Flame' for Marvel. He used the pen name Benoke when teamed up with Bill O'Connor, and Fos when working together with Bill O'Connor and Leonard Sansone.

Flinton served in Europe during World War II. After returning to the States with his Belgian bride, he became a freelance artist in New York City for 15 years. He subsequently became Art Director for Chesesbrough-Ponds. He spent his final years in Florida, where he spent his time painting.

The Atom, by Ben Flinton

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