Pekka Puupää, by Fogeli

Ola Fogelberg (Fogeli) was the creator of one of the most popular Finnish comic heroes, 'Pekka Puupää' ('Peter Blockhead'). Fogeli was already the creator of the first real Finnish comic hero, 'Janne Ankkanen' (1917-1918), which was a text comic about a duck named Janne. He started 'Pekka Puupää' in 1925, and the series has been published in numerous magazines and books since. The cast of the series was completed with Pekka's fat, dumb and nasty wife, Justiina, and his even dumber sidekick, Pätkä. Fogeli was a fan of early silent comedies, and their influence can be seen in 'Pekka Puupää'. In many aspects, Pekka Puupää looks like Charlie Chaplin. After Ola Fogelberg's death in 1952, his daughter Toto Fogelberg continued writing and drawing the series.

Pekka Puupää, by Ola Fogelberg

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