Business Cat by Tom Fonder

Tom Fonder is a British/Australian artist based in the UK.  He is best known for his gag-a-day webcomics 'Happy Jar' (2014) and its spin-off 'Business Cat' (2014).

Early life and career
He was born in 1989 and graduated from Edith Cowan University in 2012 with a film degree, but he became a cartoonist instead after a silly drawing of his went viral in 2014. His first webcomic was 'Happy Jar', which had its origins in his high school years in 2007. The observational strips about life with their typical stick figures were originally little doodles he had been passing around with a friend at school. Although it originally remained a strip with inside jokes made by Fonder and his friend Tobias Phoenix, it became a more universal gag-a-day webcomic after Fonder became the sole creator.

Happy Jar by Tom Fonder

Business Cat
Fonder is however best known as the writer and artist of the hilarious webcomic 'The Adventures of Business Cat' (2014), which stars "the world's wealthiest playboy business pet" and runs on Fridays on his own website and on Mondays on The strip was conceived by Fonder and Rachael Robins as an occasional interlude in 'Happy Jar', and began a life of its own in 2014. 'Business Cat' toys with the idea how it would be like if your boss in the office was a cat. It cleverly combines recognizable cat behaviour with equally recognizable office customs. 'Business Cat' has been collected in book format by Andrews McMeel Publishing since 2016.

Business Cat by Tom Fonder

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