Adventures into the Unknown, by Bob Forgione
Nothing But the Truth (Adventures into the Unknown #62 March-April 1955)

Robert Forgione was educated at the Franklin Art School. He worked as Jerry Robinson's assistant around 1948. In the early 1950s, he worked on 'Red Arrow', and a couple of Charlton hot rod titles. Later on, he did horror, crime and war stories for Fawcett, Charlton and DC. He worked on many Marvel war, western and romance titles throughout this decade ('Battle Action', 'Marines in Battle', 'The Ringo Kid', 'Tales to Astonish', etc.). He also drew for Dell's 'Lassie' and 'Silvertip'. Forgione ghosted on the daily 'Phantom' strip in 1962-63.

The Thing, by Bob Forgione

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