Bless the Mayor by Gil Fox
'Bless the Mayor'. 

Gilbert Theodore ("Gill") Fox was an artist of writer of both comic books and newspaper strips, as well as a political cartoonist. He began his career doing sports cartoons in L.I. Press, and briefly joined the Fleischer animation studios. Turning the comics, he had a brief stay with the Chesler shop, doing fillers for National/DC and Centaur, and then he went to Quality. Fox worked at Quality during the heyday of the company, from 1940 to 1943, drawing among others 'Plastic Man', 'Torchy', 'Super Snooper', 'Poison Ivy' and a great variety of cover illustrations.

Jeanie by Gill Fox
'Jeanie', 28 September 1952

During his military service in World War II, Fox drew 'Dogface' and 'Bernie Blood' in Stars & Stripes. Back in civil life, he freelanced for Quality until the early 1950s. Later on, he worked at the Johnstone and Cushing Art Service, where he cooperated among others on the first 'Hi & Lois' strips with Dik Browne. He did panel gags like 'Side Glances' and 'Wilbert' for General Features, as well as fillers strips for the New York Daily News and sponsored comics like 'Bless the Mayor'.

Among his magazine and newspaper comics are 'Bumper to Bumper' (Sunday New York Sun-News, 1952-64), 'Jeanie' (New York Herald-Tribune, 1952-1953, of which the Sunday comic was continued by Leon Winik) and 'Joe Magarar' (Boy's Life, 1956). He also assisted on several other strips, including lettering the 'Star Hawks' newspaper strip in the 1970s. In the final stages of his career, he turned to political cartooning, contributing to the Connecticut Post and the Fairfield Citizen. He also did some promotional comics for Big Boy Restaurants in the 1990s.

Torchy, by Gill FoxLady Luck, by Gill Fox

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