Farley, by Phil Frank

Phil Frank was the creator of the newspaper comic strip 'Travels with Farley', later renamed 'Farley', which started in 1975 as a nationally syndicated cartoon. It later became a local feature in the San Francisco Chronicle. In this strip, the only local daily comic strip in the country, the author gently commented on local politics. Several collections of 'Farley' have appeared over the years. Frank has additionally done illustration work for books about National Parks, written by his wife, as well as nature and wildlife magazines.

Nigel Shiftright by Phil Frank

Another strip by Frank is 'The Elderberries', a syndicated daily strip about life in a retirement home, which he made with Joe Troise. Frank and Troise worked together on other comic projects, such as 'Chateau Defeat' (published in the Wine Spectator) and 'Nigel Shiftright, Automotive Anachronism' and 'Frank and Troise', both for Road & Track magazine. He retired in 2007 due to illness, and died only a couple of days later in Bolinas, California. 'The Elderberries' has been continued by Corey Pandolph for five more years.

Farley, by Phil Frank


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