Action Comics by Gary Frank
Action Comics #860

Gary Frank is a British comic book artist, who began his career working for the British market, but has later worked mainly for American companies. Born in Bristol, Frank began his professional career in 1991. His first jobs were short stories for Doctor Who Magazine and Toxic!, and a stint on the Marvel UK titles 'Motormouth & Killpower' and 'Dark Angel'. During his tenure for Marvel UK, he teamed up with Cam Smith, who became his regular inker until 2000. Frank's first important job was cooperating with writer Peter David on Marvel's 'Incredible Hulk' in 1993-95. He then did some loose assignments, such as 'Black Canary/Oracle: Birds of Prey', 'JLA' and some covers for Acclaim Comics and Harris Comics, before joining Peter David again on DC's 'Supergirl' in 1996-1997.

Incredible Hulk by Gary Frank
Incredible Hulk #420

Frank and his inker Smith moved to Image Comics in 1997, where they cooperated with John Arcudi on a praised run on the Wildstorm title 'Gen 13' until 1999. In 2000, he started his own six-issue mini-series 'Kin', which he wrote, drew and published himself. It was later reprinted by Image/Top Cow. Gary Frank has also worked with writer J. Michael Stracynski since 2000 on titles like 'Midnight Nation' (Top Cow, 2000-2002) and 'Supreme Power' (Marvel, 2003-2005). His new regular inker became Jon Sibal, with whom he has worked almost exclusively for Marvel between 2002 and 2007. Besides 'Supreme Power', that appeared under the Marvel MAX imprint, Frank had a short run on 'The Avengers', and provided covers for several other Marvel titles.

He returned to DC in 2007, where he has been an artist on several 'Superman' series ('Action Comics', 'Superman: Secret Origin') with writer Geoff Johns. Frank and Johns also made the graphic novel 'Batman: Earth One' in 2012.

Midnight Nation by Gary Frank
Midnight Nation

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