The Ninth Gland, by Renée French 1997

Renée French is the creator of the controversial comic book mini-series, 'Grit Bath' (published by Fantagraphics), the graphic novels 'Corny's Fetish' and 'The Ninth Gland', and many short pieces for anthologies such as 'Last Gasp', 'Zero Zero', 'Dark Horse Presents', and the huge 'Comix 2000' published by L'Association. Her illustration work has appeared in The Village Voice, Interview Magazine,, The Stranger, LA Weekly, Bust Magazine and T-shirts, books, and set designs for Penn & Teller.

Her most recent book, 'The Soap Lady', was published in June, 2001, by Top Shelf Productions. Oni Press released a comprehensive retrospective of her work, entitled 'Marbles In My Underpants - The Renée French Collection', in February, 2001.

comic art by Renée French

Renée French's tales are filled with sexual confusion, misguided self-mutilation and scatological surprises. Her painstaking pointillism makes each panel an exquisite torture.

The Soap lady, by Renée French

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