Het verloren pypke, by Frisia (1925)
'Het Verloren Pypke' (1926).

Frisia was the pen name of an early 20th-century Dutch newspaper cartoonist, whose comic serials 'Het Verloren Pypke' (1925-1926) and 'De Lotgevallen van Dikke Dorus' (1930-1931) ran in regional newspapers from the province of Frisia.

No information about Frisia's identity is known. His strips were unsigned and without a credit byline, but the name "Frisia" was mentioned in the booklets, as well as the 22 December 1928 announcement of his story 'Het Verloren Pypke' in Leeuwarder Nieuwsblad. Like all early Dutch newspaper comics, Frisia's serials were picture stories with text captions underneath the images.

'Het Verloren Pypke' (15 December 1925).

Het Verloren Pypke
The first known serial by Frisia was 'Het Verloren Pypke', about the Frisian farmer Oene, who lost his tobacco pipe. Everyone in his surrounding helps with the search - family members, friends and animals included - bringing the characters all over the world in all sorts of adventures. The farmer's youngest son Roeltsje, for instance, ends up as a circus performer with a group of gypsies. Between 15 December 1925 and 26 March 1926, the strip was first serialized in 30 episodes in Nieuwsblad van Friesland, a regional bi-weekly newspaper of the publisher Hepkema with its headquarters in Heerenveen. Between 22 December 1928 and 2 March 1929, 'Het Verloren Pypke' was reprinted in the bargain newspaper Leeuwarder Nieuwsblad. The paper of 4 March 1929 reported that one of the readers had sent the editors a pipe, which unfortunately wasn't Oene's. Publisher Hepkema also released the story as a landscape-format booklet in its children's book collection, which was advertized in the Hepkema papers from 1928 until at least 1940.

'De Lotgevallen van Dikke Dorus' (Nieuwsblad van Friesland, 5 September 1930).

De Lotgevallen van Dikke Dorus
Frisia's next comic serial, 'De Lotgevallen van Dikke Dorus', was a picture story about the clumsy and mischievous adventures of a chubby farmer's boy. The text captions were written in "non-pure rhyme" by D.M. van der Woude. From 5 September 1930 until 6 March 1931, the strip first appeared with four panels per episode in Nieuwsblad van Friesland. For the reprint in Leeuwarder Nieuwsblad, the episodes were cut in half, and the strip ran with two panels per day in 126 installments from 31 October 1931 until 2 April 1932. Hepkema collected the full story in two booklets.

'De Lotgevallen van Dikke Dorus' (Leeuwarder Nieuwsblad, 13 November 1931).

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