El Bestiario by Fritz

Ricardo Olivera, who uses the pseudonym Fritz, was born in Cadíz in 1961. He has been active in the field of comics since the 1980s. Between 1989 and 2005, he edited the rock and comics magazine Radio Ethiopia, in which he published gag pages with 'Lupo' and 'Gigantes' and work by other authors. His work has also appeared in El Batracio Amarillo, El Clímaco, Dos veces breve, El Jueves, El Ajo, the Greek mgazine 9 and Venham from Portugal. He published his cartoon series 'Bestiario Gaditano' in La Voz de Cádiz between 2004 and 2009, and later in Dos Veces Breves and El Clímaco. He has additionally drawn over 200 book covers, posters and illustrations.

comic art by Fritz (Ricardo Olivera)

He created comics such as 'Las Criaturas de la Tierra Incierta' and 'El mundo del Señor Z' with Lord Benburry for Editorial Baal. He has also published books with Astiberri and El Batracio Amarillo. Fritz has cooperated with his brother Angel on 'El Padre Flanigan' and other projects. He took artistic control of the collection '12 del Doce', about the constitution of Cádiz, that was written by Rafael Marín for the Council of Cádiz.

Olivera also gives workshops in comic art and drawing in the Cádiz area. He won a prize for best Andalusian comic for 'Bestiario Gaditano' at the Imaginamálaga festival in 2008.

comic art by Fritz (Ricardo Olivera)


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