El Señor de Balantry by Franc Fuentes Man
Joyas Literarias Juveniles #20 - El Señor de Balantry

Franc Fuentes Man began his career as an advertising artist, but eventually he turned to comics. He joined the publishing house Hispano-Americana in 1958, for which he produced several comics in the 'Aventuras Célebres' series. For the same publishing house, he drew some episodes of 'Buffalo Bill'. From 1961 to 1968 he was present in El Capitan Trueno magazine, as well as Capitan Trueno Extra. He then joined Bruguera, for which he drew the cosmonautic 'Galax' series in Bravo magazine and several comic adaptations in the Joyas Literarias Juveniles collection.

Galax, by Fuentes Man

At the same time he drew comics for the French ('Kragub') and the English market ('Donovan', 'Agente Flint'). While working on a 'Tarzan' comic for the Yugoslav market through Josep Toutain in 1980, Man suffered from trombosis which eventually paralyzed half of his body. Always fighting to recover, he kept thinking of new comics projects, but they were never realized. Fuentes Man died in 1994.

Buffalo Bill, by Fuentes Man

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