Comic Creator Fujio-Fujiko


Hiroshi Fujimoto & Motoo Abiko

(12 December 1933 - 23 September 1996 & b. 10 March 1934, Japan)   Japan


Doraemon, by Fujio Fujiko

Fujio-Fujiko is the pseudonym of two inseparable manga artists, Hiroshi Fujimoto and Motoo Abiko. Together, they have made a number of popular comics for kids. Their collaboration started with 'Obake no Q Taro' in 1964, about a little ghost. Their big success came with the creation of the cat-robot 'Doraemon' in 1970. It became immensely popular all through the East and was soon made into animation and numerous merchandising products.

comic art by Fujiko Fujiko

In 1987 Hiroshi Fujimoto and Motoo Abiko split up as a creative team, each pursuing his own comics projects. Motoo Abiko died a year later; Hiroshi Fujimoto continued to work under the signature Fujiko K. Fujio and died in 1996.

comic art by Fujio Fujiko

Cover of Doraemon, by Fujio-Fujiko

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