De Verstrooide Professor by Theo Funke Kupper

Theo Funke Küpper was a Dutch comic artist, (advertising) illustrator and (watercolor) painter. He is best remembered for his long-running gag comic 'De Verstrooide Professor’ (1937-1966), about an absent-minded professor. It was a mainstay in the children's magazine Okki for decades. Funke Küpper furthermore scripted a weeky column, 'Jan Jokkebrok' (1937-1940), illustrated by his brother Frans Funke Küpper, which ran in (Weekblaadje voor de) Roomse Jeugd. 

Early life and career
He was born in 1904 in Rotterdam as Theodorus Franciscus Anton Funke Küpper. He was the middle son of the Westphalian painter Bernard Anton Funke Küpper, who moved to Rotterdam after marrying a Dutch girl. His brothers Albert Funke Küpper and Frans Funke Küpper had also inherited their father's artistic talents. Theo' career evolved similarly to that of his brother Frans. Around 1930, he was employed as an advertising designer by the Rotogravure Maatschappij in Leiden. In 1934 he moved over to the ad department of De Spaarnestad in Haarlem. When the studio closed its doors in 1935, he became a freelance illustrator and comic writer for the Catholic children's magazines Kleuterblaadje and (Weekblaadje voor de) Roomse Jeugd, the forerunners of the magazines Okki and Taptoe.

De Verstrooide Professor, by Theo Funke

De Verstrooide Professor
His gag strip 'De Verstrooide Professor' ('The Confused Professor') ran in Kleuterblaadje and its successor Okki on a weekly base between 31 July 1937 and 1 January 1966, with an interruption during World War II. When Kleuterblaadje became Okki in 1953, he added another professor and changed the title to plural as: 'De Verstrooide Professors'. Theo Funke Küpper ended his collaboration on 1 January 1966, when Okki moved over from De Spaarnestad to Malmberg in Den Bosch. 

Jan Jokkebrok
Theo also wrote the texts for a weekly column, 'Jan Jokkebrok', which was illustrated by his brother Frans and published in Weekblaadje voor de Roomse Jeugd from 1937 until Hitler invaded the Netherlands in May 1940. 'Jan Jokkebrok' featured moralistic stories about a young boy who always told lies and got himself into trouble afterwards. 

Theo Funke Küpper passed away in Haarlem on 5 July 1977.

De Verstrooide Professors, by Theo Funke Kupper

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