from Min Häst, by Lena Furberg (1997)

Lena Furberg is one of the main illustrator for Min Häst, the girls' magazine about horses and riding. She has drawn several independent stories for the magazine since the 1970s, in both the realistic and caricatural drawing style.

Jojjo och Gänget, by Lena Furberg

She is the author of serials like 'Stallgänget på Tuva' and 'Freddie på Firefoot Farm', as well as the cartoon series 'Mulle - Världens Mesta Häst' and 'Jojjo och Gänget'. 'Jojjo' has also been published in Zoo and Pets. Lena Furberg's series have been printed in Russia, Germany, Holland, France, Britain and the Nordic countries.

Mulle, by Lena Furberg (1979)

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