Tex Willer by Fernando Fusco
Tex Willer

Born in Ventimiglia, Fernando Fusco had a large production for the French and British market, working in varying genres like romance and western. He made his debut in 1948 with the series 'Jeff Cooper', that was published by Chiavari. During his military service he worked for Il Vittorioso. Afterwards, in 1955, he moved to France, where he went to work for the Editions Mondiales. After some appearances in Hurrah!, he made comic adaptations of novels in Paris Journal Junior/Paris Jour. For the Intermonde agency, he adapted Victor Hugo's 'L'Homme qui Rit' under the pseudonym Rifer, as well as 'Cosmos An 2200', that was written by Claude Vaincourt and published in L'Union.

Cosmos An 2200 by Fernando Fusco
Cosmos An 2200

From 1958, he was present in L'Intrépide with 'Commado du Silence' (script by Georges Sandier), 'Pirates du Ciel', 'La Flèche Brisée' and the heroic-science series 'Scott Darnal'. The latter was later continued in Mireille. Also for Mireille, he created 'Magali', one of his few humorous works. From 1960, he contributed to La Sage and produced series like 'Aigle Noir', 'Bonanza' and 'Willie West'. He was also present in Lisette with 'Cendrine' (script by Cendrine Rochemond) and 'Espéranza' (script by Montaubert).

Comic art by Fernando Fusco

In addition, he worked for the British market through the Temple Art Agency, focusing mainly on romance stories. In 1970, he made a comeback in his native Italy, and started series like 'Lone Wolf' and 'I Due dell'Apocalisse' with Luigi Grecchi in Intrepido of the publishing house Universo. From 1973, he was part of Bonelli's team of artists that worked on 'Tex Willer' stories. Fusco worked exclusively on this character until 2010, when he decided to focus on painting. With nearly 7,000 pages on his name, Fusco's version is one of the best-loved among 'Tex Willer' fans. Fernando Fusco passed away on 10 August 2015.

Bonanza, by Fernando Fusco

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