Wustenkrieg in Wohnzimmer, by Hans Fusser (Die Post, Sonderheft 6, 1942)
Wüstenkrieg in Wohnzimmer (Die Post, Sonderheft 6, 1942)

Hans Füsser studied at the Düsseldorfer Kunstakademie after World War I. He was a longtime contributor to the Düsseldorfer Wochenschau, for which he made many caricatures. Although showing an affectionate view on the weaknesses and strengths of his fellow men most of the time, he also made some anti-British cartoons during World War II.

Jackel und Bastel, by Hans Füsser

He is also known for his comic book series 'Jackel und Bastel' of which two books were published by Bildbuchverlag in 1948.

Fritz by Hans Fusser
Die Post (1942)
Wüstenkrieg in Wohnzimmer by Hans Fusser

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