Le Tour du Monde en Hydroaéroplane, by G.Ri
Le Tour du Monde en Hydroaéroplane (Belles Images, 28-8-1913)

Victor Mousselet was one of the pioneers of French science fiction comics. Mousselet, who used the pseudonym G. Ri (pronounced J'ai Ri, meaning 'I laughed'), made his debut as an illustrator for La Caricature in 1894. In the following years, his signature appeared regularly on the pages of Le Rire, Le Pêle-Mêle, Polichinelle and L'Illustré National. He published various comics in the French magazines Les Belles Images and La Jeunesse Illustrée between 1903 to 1920.

comic art by G. Ri

He made continuing humorous stories like 'La Pilule Hilarante' (1905), but mainly stories with science fiction and fantasy elements, such as 'Au Royaume des Jouets' (1907), 'L'Ile de la Fée Bijou' (1910) and 'Dans la Planète Mars' (1914). G.Ri was additionally present in L'Aventure (1927-29) with 'Le Tour du Monde en Triporteur'.

from Le Pêle-Mêle, by G.Ri (1898)

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