Telenovelas, by Otto Gabos

Otto Gabos began his career as a contributor to Frigidaire. He has published books like 'Tobacco' (Granata Press, 1992), 'Gold Graze' (Phoenix Enterprise, 1997) and 'I Camminatori' (Kappa Edizioni, 1998). Also for Phoenix, he also made the mini series 'Apartments'. He scripted 'San Pietro', for which he artwork was done by Francesco Mattioli, Luca Poli and Dario Arcidiacono. For Mondo Naif, he made the series 'Loving the Alien' and 'Byzantium', and also scripted 'Ladri di Lunarie' for Menotti. Between 2000 and 2002, he made 'London Sushi', a comics course about the Japanese kitchen in Kappa Magazine.

Frontiera, by Otto Gabos

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