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Born in Quebec in 1954, Serge Gaboury studied Arts and Communication in Laval, and drew his first comics for Peuple-Tribune in 1974. He also drew for his university's newspaper. He began doing editoral cartoons for Publications Bernard Cleary, that published three large weeklies in the Quebec area. It was in 1979 when Gaboury began a steady collaboration with the magazine Croc. He drew several pages a month until the magazine's disappearance. He was also present in Titanic with the series 'Alys' between 1983 and 1984. In 1983, he also became a regular contributor to Le Soleil, with caricatures and the strip 'Le Sport en Folie'. Gaboury was present in Protégez-Vous, Safarir, Les Débrouillards (with the series 'Glik et Gluk'), La Terre de Chez-Nous, L'Équipe and TV-Hebdo. He has created such popular characters as 'Lili et Tacheté', 'ZZZoé l'Abeille', 'Célestin' and 'Hi-Ha Tremblay'.

Glik et Gluk, by Serge GabouryGlik et Gluk, by Serge Gaboury

Célestin, by Serge Gaboury

Gaboury on BDQuebec

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