Gaijin by Pier Nicola Gallo

Born in Turin, Pier Nicola Gallo lives and works in Porto Torres. A self-taught artist, he has cooperated on Cyborg ('Volunteers') and Fumetti d'Italia ('Videomax') in the 1990s. He then joined Bonelli, where he became an artist of 'Legs Weaver'.

Legs Weaver, by Pier Nicola Gallo
Legs Weaver

In 2006 he created the detective series 'Gaijin' with Luca Blengino and Luca Erbetta at Delcourt. He has also worked on 'Superboy' for DC Comics.

Videomax, by Pier Nicola Gallo (Fumetti d'Italia, 1995)
Videomax (Fumetti d'Italia, 1995)

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