Qui la Legione, by Luis Garcia DuranQui la Legione, by Luis Garcia Duran

Luis Garcia Duran was born in Palermo, a poor district of Buenos Aires. At the age of 13, he starting drawing and painting, among others in the atelier of Jean Josse. He studied at the Pan-American School of Art and went to work in advertising upon graduation. Garcia Duran began his career in comics in 1974, working for publishers like Editorial Yago and later on Quinterno and Columba. He drew for publishers in Argentina, but also in the UK (Fleetway) and the USA (Charlton).
He has lived and worked in Marbella, Spain, since 1981, and began a collaboration with the Italian publisher Eura. He has worked on (mini-)series like 'Leticia Gray', 'La Selvaggia' and 'Taxi Driver' with scriptwriter Ricardo Barrero in Euracomix. With scriptwriter Robin Wood, he has made series like 'Qui la Legione' (1982), 'Kozacovich & Connors' (1987) and 'Han Hai' (1992), published in the magazines Skorpio and LancioStory.

Kozakovich & Connors, by Luis Garcia DuranKozakovich & Connors, by Luis Garcia Duran

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