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Manuel García Ferré was born in Almeria, Spain, and moved to Argentina at the age of 17. There he started out working in advertising, while studying architecture at the University of Buenos Aires. His career as a caricaturist and comic artist commenced with the publication of 'Pi Pio' in Billiken magazine in 1952. The 'Pi Pio' strip also saw the first apparitions García Ferré's famous characters 'Hijitus' and 'Oaky'.

For nearly 40 years, starting in 1964, García Ferré edited Anteojito, a magazine named after a character he had developed for TV animation. For several years, the magazines Billiken and Anteojito were Argentina's prime children's magazines. He managed Anteojito magazine until its last issue in 2002, while also running Muy Interesante from 1985 to 2007.

Petete y Trapito by Manuel Garcia Ferré

In 1967 the animation series 'Hijitus' debuted, broadcast on Canal 13 until 1974. It was the first Argentinian animation series for television. Manuel García Ferré has also worked on a several animated feature films, such as 'Petete y Trapito' (1975), 'Ico, el Cabalito Valiente' (1981), 'Manuelita' (1999) and 'Corazón, las Alegrías de Pantriste' (2000).

Hijitus and Larguirucho have a statue in Buenos Aires, as part of the 'Paseo de la Historieta' ('Comics Walk'), located in the Mexico and Balcarce street. 

Ico by Manuel Garcia FerréPetete y Trapito by Manuel Garcia Ferré

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