El Coche, by Pedro Garcia Lorente
El Coche (Mortadelo Gigante)

Pedro García Lorente is a Catalan comic artist, animator and cartoonist. He was art director of the Cliper publications together with Roso, and co-founder of Estudio Alex (with Romero and Monzón), an academy of correspondence courses. He created the character 'Nicolás' for the magazine El Coyote in 1946. This became the title character of its own magazine two years later. Among the many series he created for Nicolás in the 1940s and 1950s were 'Don Duro', 'Arturito, el Trovador' (1948), 'Cacotín', 'Cosas que Decimos', 'Don Valentín', 'Pepe Pina', 'Basurón', 'El Bromista Pepe', 'El Negrito Travieso', 'Celestino' and 'Historias Bárbaras del Vikingo Asta'.
During the same period, García Lorente was present in Pulgarcito with 'Canuto' and 'Simplicio', in Florita with 'Rosalía', 'Juanita y su Perro', 'Ana', 'Nuestros Concursos', in Topolino with 'Blas', in El DDT with 'Microbio' and 'Violeto', in Pinocho with 'Arturito, el Ogrito Vegetariano', and in Yumbo with 'El Caballero Comino' and 'Duendecillo Erik'. In 1962 he became a cartoonist for Diario de Barcelona. In the 1960s and 1970s he was present in Bruguera magazines like Mortadelo and Mortadelo Gigante with contributions like the series 'Carusino' and the short works 'El Coche' and 'Aparcamientos'.

Aparcamientos, by Pedro Garcia Lorente

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