Insiders, by Renaud Garreta

Renaud Garreta is a Breton comic book artist, who has worked on several series, mostly for Éditions Dargaud. After completing his studies in graphic arts in 1987, the Brest-born artist worked in the cinema and advertising fields for ten years. In 1996, he started the aviation thriller 'Fox One' with writer Olivier Vidal at the publishing house Wilco. Three books appeared until 2001. He then teamed up with Jean-Claude Bartoll to start the espionage thriller series 'Insiders', that is published by Dargaud since 2002. In 2005, Garreta returned to aviation when he was hired to make a new album starring the classic pilots 'Tanguy et Laverdure' with scriptwriter Jean-Claude Laidin.

Tanguy by Renaud Garreta
Tanguy & Laverdure - Opération Opium

Besides 'Insiders', Garreta has worked with Fabien Nury on the series 'La Maître de Benson Gate', telling the story of two brothers who inherit a US oil empire in the early 20th century. The first book was released, also by Dargaud, in 2007. He co-wrote the script for the one shot 'Seul autour du Monde' with Alexandre Chenet, for which he also provided the artwork (2012). Garreta launched his solo series about motor sports, called 'Warm Up', with DUST Éditions in 2013.

He is additionally the cover artist for 'Insiders Genesis' by Jean-Claude Bartoll and Luc Brahy, and is active as an illustrator and storyboard artist for ad agencies and movie projects. Among the movies he has worked on are 'La Femme Piège' by Enki Bilal, 'Renaissance' by Christian Volkman and 'Arthur et les Minimoys' by Luc Besson.

Benson Gate by Renaud Garreta
Benson Gate

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