comic art by Alain Garrigue

Alain Garrigue's first pages were published in the fanzine Haga when he was only ten years old. Afterwards, Garrigue made several illustrations for La Dépêche du Midi. At the same time, he studied Fine Arts in Toulouse and Paris. His first album appeared in 1989 at Rackham publishers: 'Séjour en Afrique', which he made in cooperation with Jean-Luc Coudray. This album was well received and won the Alph Art prize at Angoulême.

Le Poulpe, by Alain garrigue

In 1990, Alain Garrigue started his 'Alex Russac' series at Delcourt. Three years later, he started working for À Suivre, making several short stories. He has also made a comics adaptation of Maurice Leblanc's 'La Perle Noir' for Je Bouquine. He is the artist of one episode of the series 'Le Poulpe', called 'Le Seint des Seins' and written by Guillaume Nicloux.

Montreur de Phantasm, by Alain Garrigue

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