Het Dagboek van Anton Dingeman, by Pieter Geenen
'Het Dagboek van Anton Dingeman'.

Pieter Geenen studied at the Art Academy of 's Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands. He is a freelance illustrator, who has worked for magazines, newspapers and companies such as Vrij Nederland, VPRO-gids, Algemeen Dagblad, Trouw, ING, The Rijksmuseum and Postbank.

comic for Vrij Nederland by Pieter Geenen
Vrij Nederland 21 November 2009.

He started doing comics in the mid-1990s. His first published comic was 'Esther & Els' in Santé magazine, which ran for about three years from 1996. Then for newspaper Trouw, he made the weekly feature 'De Vooruitgang', an illustrated history of the 20th century.

Esther & Els, by Pieter Geenen
'Esther en Els'. 

In 2001, for the same newspaper, Geenen created 'Het Dagboek van Anton Dingeman', a comic about the everyday life of an office clerk, in which Geenen comments on Dutch society. Both 'De Vooruitgang' and 'Anton Dingeman' have been collected in books by De Harmonie. Geenen also has a weekly section in Vrij Nederland.

On 15 January 2013 Geenen won the Inktspotprijs for "Best Political Cartoon". 

Het Dagboek van Anton Dingeman, by Pieter Geenen
'Het Dagboek van Anton Dingeman'.  

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