Eddie Erdmann, by Franz Gerg
Eddie Erdmann (Eddie #18, 2007)

Franz Gerg studied at the Berufsfachschule für Grafik und Werbung in Munich for three years, and then started working as advertising artist through an agency. During his school period, he participated in in a comics contest held by the publishing house Compact-Verlag in Munich. In 1983 he started working on 'Max & Luzie', an advertising strip for the Allianz insurance company. He initially drew the comic on the sideline, but after ten years he became an independent artist to work on his comic, which ran until late 2002. Since early 2004, Gerg is part of the artist team of the savings bank advertising comic KNAX. Between 2004 and 2007 he also made the comic 'Eddie Erdmann' for the children's magazine Eddie of the prefabricated building company SchwörerHaus.

Max & Luzie by Franz Gerg

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