Razor - De rechtvaardige rechters by Yan Gevuld
'De Blauwe Planeet #1: De Mariane'.

Yan Gevuld is a Flemish comic artist and illustrator from the Ghent region. He started out publishing illustrations and strips in local magazines during the 1970s and 1980s. Since 2011 he is known for comics like 'De avonturen van Razor' (2011-2014) and the webcomic 'Grueson' (2014), which he self-publishes as YG-Promoties.

Early life and education
Yan Gevuld is the pseudonym of comic artist and illustrator Guy Van de Velde, who was born in Wetteren in 1960. He however began publishing under his own name in 1977, when his illustrations appeared in Stipkrant, a Tuesday supplement of the newspapers Het Nieuwsblad, De Gentenaar and De Landwacht. In the same period, he studied animation at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent (1977-1978), and then got his Bachelor of Arts at the RNS Gent (1978-1980). Van de Velde ranks Franco-Belgian authors like André Franquin (1950s period), Edgar P. Jacobs, Maurice Tillieux, André Juillard and Patrick Cothias among his major influences. He also enjoys from the humor of Dik Browne and Bill Watterson, while film director Alfred Hitchcock is an inspiration for his storytelling (and has received a cameo in each of Gevuld's 'Razor' stories).


Early work
He eventually got a job with the Ghent-based magazine Metro, making illustrations for the supplement De Uitkrant. The paper also ran his gag strip 'Jawadde' (1983), for which he first used the pen name Yan Gevuld. 'Jawadde' was a stop-comic with no regular characters, in which everything was possible as long as it got through the authors self-censorship. The comic came to an end when Metro ceased publication, although the artist has made several new (and unpublished) strips on a later date. As Yan Gevuld, he also made illustrations and comics for local monthlies like Trude, Vilain, as well as the City of Ghent's environmental magazine Kroonblaadje, while his informative comic 'Wakkere Wuggers' was published in Capita Selecta, the quarterly magazine for subscribers of the loose-leaf informative literature series of the publishing house Kluwer.

'Dad's Life'.

He somewhat dropped off the comics radar when these magazines were discontinued as well. Yan Gevuld tried his luck with US syndicates, but none picked up the strips he submitted. Among his efforts from this period are 'Jeez' (a translated version of 'Jawadde'), 'Zero, the Almost Hero', 'Dad's Life', 'Expedition', 'Dig-Its' and 'Whodunit: The Chinese Owl'. Yan Gevuld has furthermore provided illustrations to schoolbooks published by the City of Ghent and for packagings of Van Damme marshmallows and Colpaert chocolates.

'De Rechtvaardige Rechters'.

De avonturen van Razor
He didn't make his comeback until he started making 'De avonturen van Razor' (2011-2014), a locally oriented crime-fiction comic in the Flemish tradition. The author self-published the first issue, 'De Rechtvaardige Rechters', in March 2011 with the help of sponsors and pre-subscriptions. It was his first longer story, which he presented in a retro drawing style and lay-out, reminiscent of the early Lombard albums, and the work of Edgar P. Jacobs and Hergé in particular. The story also tackled more serious subject matter, such as nationalist extremism in Flemish politics. The second and third album, published in 2013 and 2014, formed the ecologically themed science fiction diptych 'De Blauwe Planeet', which criticizes the way mankind treats our planet.

Grueson - 'Onthuld' (2015).

By 2014 he embarked upon the webcomic 'Grueson', a series of weird stories in black-and-white with absurd humor about a sort-of superhero. At the top of its production, 'Grueson' appeared with one page a week on nine websites, both in English and in Dutch language. This was later scaled down to two websites with one page every two weeks. YG-Promoties has released several print collections since 2014.

Grueson - 'Six' (2018).

Graphic contributions
Yan Gevuld was also present in tribute albums to Jef Nys ('Jommekes bij de vleet', 2010) and Pom ( 'Op Het Spoor van Pom', 2011). He also contributed to 'De Pierkes' (2013), a collective album based on the local Ghent puppet theater character, initiated by comics shop Pierke. The proceeds of all three albums went to the Belgian Children's Cancer Fund (Kinderkankerfonds).

Publisher Peter Bonte released a collection of the comic strips Yan Gevuld submitted to US syndicates in the period 1985-1995, called 'Yan en de Syndicates' (2017).

'De Pierkes'


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