war comic by Frank Giacoia

Frank B. Giacoia studied at the School of Industrial Arts in Manhattan and at the Arts Students League. He became a staff artist at the Iger Shop in 1941. Among his early comic book art, are crime stories for ACE, horror comics for Avon. He has done countless titles for DC/National, such as 'Molly Adams', 'The Flash', 'Batman' and war stories.

Captain America, by Frank Giacoia

Giacoia has contributed to Dell, Eartern Color, Fawcett, Harvey and Feature/Prize/Crestwood. From the 1960s through the 1980s, he was mainly active as an inker for Marvel Comics, among others on Jack Kirby's 'Captain America'. In the 1980s, he also did inks on Archie Comics.

Sherlock Holmes, by Frank Giacoia

Among his syndicated comics are the daily 'Spider-man' (1978-1981), 'Flash Gordon' (1959-60/68/69/86), 'Incredible Hulk' (inks, 1979-1980), 'Johnny Reb and Billy Yank' (1956-1959), 'Sherlock Holmes' (1954-1955) and 'Thorne McBride' (1960-1963).

Spider-Man, by Frank Giacoia

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