Orion, by Robert Gigi

Robert Gigi joined the art studios of Raymond Poïvet while still studying at the university. From 1948, he created his first comics under the pseudonym Bob Gigi for the Paris-Graphic press agency ('Fabiola') and for the magazines L'Aurore ('Le Gentilhomme de la Montagne') and Les Aventuriers d'Aujourd'hui ('Jérôme St-Clair'). He joined the S.P.E. (Société Parisienne d'Édition) in 1951 and he stayed there until 1980. Through the S.P.E., his work appeared in magazines like L'Épatant, Fillette and Pschitt Aventures. At the same time, he was active as an illustrator and in the advertising field.

Agar, by Robert Gigi

In the mid-1960s, his comics 'Gentil Clovis', 'Panique à Mammouth City' and 'Rodéo à Carson City' appeared in Chouchou magazine. He teamed up with the writer Claude Moliterni and created 'Scarlet Dream' for V. Magazine. The series was later continued in France-Soir. From 1967, he produced 'Confidences d'une Quize Ans' in 15 Ans magazine, along with writer Lorena.

Ugaki, by Robert Gigi

He started a second series with Moliterni in 1968, the science fiction comic 'Orion, le Laveur de Planètes', that appeared in Phénix, Pogo-Poco and Les Pieds Nickelés Magazine. He was an artist for the French Pilote from the first issue in 1959. He had his biggest success ten years later with the 'Dossier Soucoupes Volantes' series, written by Jacques Lob.

Ailleurs, by Robert Gigi (Plote et Charlie)

He started yet another series with Moliterni in 1970, the fantasy series 'Agar', that appeared in Il Corrieri dei Ragazzi. On his own texts, he worked for the Dutch Pep magazine, creating the samurai 'Ugaki' in 1971. In France, the series was published in Tintin and Charlie Mensuel. In the 1980s, Gigi became a comics teacher at the School of Fine Arts in Angoulême. After a short story published in 1991 collective 'Dessous Fripons' album, Robert Gigi retired and began sculpting. He died in 2007 after a long illness.

comic art by Robert Gigi
Robert Gigi
Photo by Giovannini (1975)

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