comic by Eigil Johansen

Eigil Johansen, who uses the pseudonym Gil, studied to be a house painter before moving to Copenhagen in 1951, in order to become an artist. He applied to the Academy of Fine Arts, earning his living by drawing comics for various newspapers and magazines. During the early sixties, Gil traveled through Europe, supporting himself with whatever illustration work he can find along the way. In 1967, he started working for children's comics magazine Pellefant & Co, creating 'The Family Puff-Puff' ('Familien Tøf-Tøf') and 'Captain Arf and Co.' ('Kaptajn Vov & Co'). Between 1971 and 1974, Gil's series 'Jungle Tales' appeared in the monthly comic book Laban. One character from this series re-appeared in his newspaper comic, 'Gogo the Ape' ('Aben Gogo'). It still appears in the Saturday supplement of the newspaper Jyllands-Posten.

In 1985, Gil started his children's comic 'Peter Hatmouse' ('Petter Hattemus') in the magazine Familien-Journalen. 'The Little Town of Copenhagen' ('Kjøwenhavnstrup') appeared in 1987 in the newspaper B.T. and was a gentle mockery of the (mis)understanding between residents of Copenhagen and Jutland.

Gogo the Ape, by Gil

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