Blue Bolt, by Tom Gill (1946)

Tom Gill was an artist for comic books from the 1940s to the 1970s. He began his career at the New York Daily News, where he drew the first map of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour. He then went to work for the Herald-Tribune and the Times. During the 1940s, he did artwork on the title comic of the 'Blue Bolt' comic book, as well as on the 'Billy the Kid' comic. He also worked on the newspaper features 'Flower Potts' and 'Ricky Stevens', before turning to free lance comic book illustration in 1949.

He began a longtime collaboration with Dell and eventually Gold Key, where he worked primarly on the 'Lone Ranger' comic until the 1970s. He also drew for the 'Bonanza' and 'Hi Yo Silver' comic books. In addition, Gill worked as an art educator at various New York regional schools. He helped founding the School fo Visual Arts, and was affiliated with this school for many years. Despite losing his eyesight late in life, Gill continued to teach art at area community colleges.

Billy the Kid, by Tom Gill

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