Les vacances de M. Bonasson by Dominique Gillain

Dominique Gillain-Regney is the youngest daughter of the legendary comic artist Jijé. She made the one-shot 'Les Vacances de M. Bonasson' (1967).

Life and career
She was born in 1947 in Belgium, and still a baby when the Gillain family, André Franquin and Morris embarked upon their legendary trip to the USA and Mexico in 1948. Upon their return in Europe in 1951, the family settled in the middle of France. Dominique became an artist in her own right, and is active as a painter, editorial artist, children's book illustrator and caricature artist. She also makes murals, including some starring her father's characters 'Blondin et Cirage', 'Jean Valhardi' and 'Jerry Spring'. Her venture in comic art was a short one. She only made one story in cooperation with scriptwriter Lot, called 'Les vacances de M. Bonasson', which appeared in the special holiday issue of Spirou magazine in 1967. Her brothers Benoît, Philippe and Laurent have all worked with their father on his comic series at one point. Dominique Gillain returned to the USA in 1970, where she lives in Bethel, Connecticut.


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