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Raoul & Robert Giordan

(22 February 1926 - 18 January 2017 & 3 November 1922 - 7 May 1984, France)   France

Raoul & Robert  Giordan

Pesco Kid, by Raoul & Robert Giordan (Collection Bagarre)
'Pesco Kid'. 

Raoul and Robert Giordan were two French brothers who wrote and drew comics together. From the late 1940s to mid-1970s they made various science fiction and action-adventure comics drawn in a realistic style. Their best known work titles were 'Franck Nevil', 'Tom Tempest', 'Les Francis', 'Bob Corton', 'Vigor' and 'Thierry'.

The brothers were born in Nice. Robert, born in 1922, was the oldest. Raoul saw the light four years later, in 1926. The Giordan family left the city in 1936 to run a hotel in La Colle-sur-Loup. When their father was mobilized during the war, Raoul and Robert worked at the hotel. They eventually went to work at an animation studio in Nice, where they met Marc-René Novi. Novi introduced them at the publishing house Publi-Vog, where they made their comics debut in 1946.

Météor, by Raoul and Robert Giordan

They started a collective oeuvre, starting with the cooperation on several collections of complete stories, such as Bagarre, Aventure et Mystère, Mystère et Police, Vog Aventure and Tim L'Audace. In 1950, they joined the atelier of Maurice Bourdin, where they did assignments for the publisher De La Foux until 1953. While doing a variety of illustration work together, Raoul Giordan began doing caricatures and humorous illustrations for Ici Paris, Le Hérisson and Marius on his own.

Météor, by Raoul & Robert Giordan

In 1952, Robert and Raoul Giordan joined the publishing house Artima, a collaboration that lasted for several decades. They worked with numerous characters, such as 'Franck Nevil', 'Tom Tempest', the space family 'Les Francis', 'Bob Corton', 'Vigor' and 'Thierry'. These series appeared in magazines such as Météor, Dynamic, and many others. In the 1970s the brothers made comic adaptations of the science fiction novels of publisher Fleuve Noir. From 1975, Raoul focused more on painting. In 1983, the brothers finally left the comics field. After the death of Robert in 1984 at age 61, Raoul briefly returned to the field with 'Space Gordon' written by André-Paul Duchateau in 1993. Raoul passed away more than three decades later, in 2017, at the age of 90.

Vigor by R.R. GiordanVigor by R.R. Giordan

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