Capitan Erik, by Ruggero Giovannini

Ruggero Giovannini was an Italian draughtsman, illustrator and painter. His made his first comic, 'I Seguaci di Adelchi' for Il Vittorioso in 1945. This was followed by the 'Jim Brady' series, and several comic versions of popular films. He worked for Il Vittorioso until 1969, the year he went to work for Il Giornalino. For this magazine, he drew 'Bug Barri' and 'Harald il Crudele', as well as 'Gli Uomini del Pugnale', 'Capitan Erik' and 'Ricky'. In addition, he drew 'The Illiad' for Il Corriere dei Piccoli and 'Terra che Scotta' for Collection Tex.

Olac, by Ruggero Giovannini

Although employed full time by Il Vittorioso during the 1950s and 1960s, Giovannini also provided artwork for the British Fleetway group through the D'Ami studios. He worked on 'Dick Daring' and 'Robin Hood' for Thriller Picture Library, 'Kansas Kid' for Cowboy Picture Library, and 'Wild Bill Hickok' for Radio Fun. He was the artist of several western comics for Top Spot, drew the 'Adventures of Macbeth' in Ranger, 'Olac the Gladiator' in Tiger and 'Wulf the Briton' for Express Weekly magazine.

comic art by Ruggero Giovannini

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