On a volé la couple Stanley by Jean-Pierre Girerd
'On à Volé la Coupe Stanley'.

Jean-Pierre Girerd is a Canadian caricaturist, illustrator and painter, best known as the editorial cartoonist for the Montréal-based newspaper La Presse from 1968 to 1995. Girerd was born in Alger, Algeria, where he attended the School of Fine Arts. He began his career making illustrations for Le Journal d'Alger.

During the Algerian War for Independence, he headed for the United States, where he found employment as a press artist with a local Minneapolis paper. It was during his US period that he developed himself as a political caricaturist in the tradition of Honoré Daumier.

Ronald Reagan Cartoon by Jean-Pierre Girerd
Cartoon by Jean-Pierre Girerd, depicting U.S. President Ronald Reagan. Translation: "Gorbachev presses for Pacific cooperation." - Reagan: "He is young and doesn't know any better!". 

Girerd settled in Montréal, Canada, in 1964. He contributed caricatures to Métro Express, Le Petit Journal and Le Travail, before beginning his long collaboration with La Presse. Girerd's caricatures mostly dealt with local and national politics, and among his favorite subjects were mayor Jean Drapeau and Canadian prime minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau.

On a volé la Coupe Stanley by Jean-Pierre Girerd
'On A Volé La Coupe Stanley'. 

From 16 August 1975 to 19 June 1976 Girerd published a comic strip in La Presse's comics section, 'On à Volé la Coupe Stanley'. The plot revolved around the theft of the hockey trophy the Stanley Cup. After serialisation it was subsequently published in book format by Les Éditions Mirabel. After his retirement from La Presse, Girard spent another year making caricatures for L'Itinéraire, before devoting all his time to painting.

Cartoon by Jean-Pierre Girerd
Cartoon by Jean-Pierre Girerd. Translation: 71 million dollars for the roof. Man: "If a cigarette would've killed them, they would've at least known they died for a good cause." 

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