The Architect by Stijn Gisquiere
'The Architect'. 

Stijn Gisquière was born in 1975 in Ghent, Belgium. He studied architecture at the Sint-Lucas School of Arts in Ghent for a couple of years, but eventually changed course. In 2001, he graduated as a Master in Visual Arts, with a specialization in graphic design, multimedia and comic art from the Sint-Lukas School of Arts in Brussels. In September 2003, Gisquière started teaching Illustration and Comic Art at the Academy of Visual Arts in Ghent.

Cartoon by Stijn Gisquiere
Cartoon by Stijn Gisquière. Translation: "Ah, missy, never ask an artist to explain his work...".

After graduation, Gisquière published comic strips in magazines throughout Europe, including Kutikuti (Finland), Mesinha De Cabeeira (Portugal), Stripburger (Slovenia), Zone 5300 (The Netherlands), Eisner (The Netherlands), Aaargh! (Czech Republic), Komika (Sweden), INK (Belgium), P@per (Belgium), Stripgids (Belgium) and Klasse (Belgium). His graphic shorts participated in several exhibitions in Belgium and abroad. In 2003 and 2005, the first two volumes of his comic 'Paradijs Op Aarde' ('Paradise On Earth'), came out. The complete 'Paradise On Earth', including part 3, appeared in 2015. In this series, the author gives his vision on society and its manners. Stijn Gisquière works as a commercial artist, making illustrations, graphics, cartoons, character designs animations, photographs and murals.

Daily Fare by Stijn Gisquiere
'Daily Fare', issue #3.

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