True Comics by Louis Glanzman

Born and raised in Virginia, Louis S. Glanzman began his career in the late 1930s drawing for comic books published by Centaur Comics. He illustrated 'Air Man', 'Amazing Man', 'The Shark', 'Dopey Danny Day' and 'Blue Fire'. He was also present in True Comics and Real Heroes by Parents' Magazine Press. In the 1940s he also served as an illustrator on the Air Force magazine for the US Air Forces.

He was furthermore an illustrator for Life, Collier's, Seventeen and Time Magazine, where he stood out for his portraits. From the 1950s through the 1970s, he illustrated for several juvenile books, such as the 'Pippi Longstocking' and 'Tom Corbett' series. He also made illustrations for paperbacks, as well as magazines like Boy's Life, National Geographic and National Lampoon.

In later years he had turned his attention to religious art for various publishers and landscapes. He was the brother of comic book artists Sam Glanzman and Davis Glanzman. He passed away at age 91 in 2013.

True Comics by Louis Glanzman

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