Yann le Vaillant, by Noel Gloesner (1951)

Noël Gloesner started his career shortly after World War II with Fleurus publishers. His first comic, 'Les Mille et Une Aventures de Chiffonnette', appeared in Fripounet et Marisette. In February 1947, he launched the 'Les Indégonflables de Chantovent' series along with Rose Dardennes in that same magazine. He drew the series about fourteen years, and launched a new version in 1975. Also for Fripounet, he produced 'Le Roman de Renard' and 'Les Lionceaux'.

Roselyne by Noel Gloesner
Roselyne (Ames Vaillantes #26, 29/6/1958)

Gloesner cooperated on the 'Yann le Vaillant' series in Coeurs Vaillants from 1948 to 1956. The series was signed Jacques Conoan, a collective pseudonym for Jacques Romont (Jacques), Colette (Co), Noël Gloesner (No) and André (An).

L'Héroïque Cousin Daniel by Noel Gloesner
L'Héroïque Cousin Daniel (La Semaine de Suzette, 1960)

During the same period, Gloesner illustrated numerous comics for Ames Vaillantes and Formule 1 ('Pat Cadwell'), as well as some religious stories for the collection Vivants Témoins. For Triolo, he made a comics adaptation of Victor Hugo's 'Notre-Dame de Paris', and with scriptwriter Monique Amiel, he made 'Sissi' for Djin magazine.

L'Orpheline du Far-West, by Gloesner
L'Orpheline du Far-West

From 1951, Gloesner was present in Pierrot with 'Les Compagnons de Fo-Hi'. This magazine soon merged with Coq Hardi, in which he continued the series. He began a longtime cooperation with Marijac, with whom he worked on the 'Colonel X' series in Coq Hardi, and created several comics for girls' magazines like Mireille, Nano et Nanette and Frimousse, including 'Mademoisselle Demi-solde', 'Boule de Neige', 'Mademoisselle Ci-Devant', 'Cri-Cri Reporter', 'L'Orpheline du Far-West' and 'La Fille de Robin des Bois'.

Roselyne by Noel Gloesner
Roselyne (Ames Vaillantes #18, 4/5/1958)

Gloesner additionally worked for Lisette, La Semaine de Suzette, and Paris-Centre Auvergne. For Del Duca, he took over 'Guy l'Intrépide' in L'Intrépide, and made 'Jim Dynamic' in Paris-Jours. In 1984, he cooperated with Pierre Thivollier on 'L'Histoire du Peuple de Dieu' for publisher Bosquet/Bégédis.

Sissi by Noel Gloesner

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