Connie, by Francis Godwin

In 1905, Frank (Francis) Godwin started his art apprenticeship at the Washington Star. Later, during his studies, he became friends with James Montgomery Flagg. Thanks to Flagg's friendship, Frank Godwin started contributing to the major humor magazines. From 1908 onward, he became one of the most prolific comic artists and illustrators of the time.

Roy Powers, by Francis Godwin

He did a lot of illustration work for various magazines. On 13 November 1927 Godwin started 'Connie', Godwin started 'Connie' for the Ledger Syndicate, introducing book illustration style to the comics' section. 'Connie' was a liberated girl, who worked as a reporter, then a detective, and showed social conscience during the Depression. The strip ran until 1944.

The Snake Pit by Frank Godwin
The Snake Pit, based on the novel by Mary Jane Ward (1946)

In the 1930s, Godwin additionally took up painting. In 1938, he took over the daily 'Roy Powers, Eagle Scout' comic from Kemp Starrett. The strip was called "the official strip of the boy scouts of America" and credited to a certain Paul Powell (presumably the writer). It appeared until 1942.

Rusty Riley, by Frank Godwin (1948)Rusty Riley, by Frank Godwin (1948)
Rusty Riley (1948)

For King Features Syndicate, Godwin produced 'Rusty Riley' (1948) and illustrated comic adaptations from novels for the Book-of-the-Month feature. Godwin is also well-known for his advertising work, and his book illustrations, which include those for 'Treasure Island', 'Kidnapped', 'Robinson Crusoe', and 'King Arthur'. He died of a heart attack in 1959.

Rusty Riley, by Frank Godwin
Rusty Riley
We the Living by Frank Godwin
We the Living, novel by Ayn Rand

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