Les Chemins de Malefosse by Brice Goepfert
Les Chemins de Malefosse #17

Brice Goepfert is an artist of mainly historical comic, who was born in La Garenne-Colombes. He made his debut in 1978 under the pseudonym Brice Troll. Among his earliest comic book work were stories starring TV heroes for Télé Junior and Télé Parade. In the mid-1980s, he was a productive artist for the historical series 'Les Grandes Batailles de l'Histoire' and 'Histoire des Provinces de France' by Larousse, as well as 'Histoire de la Révolution Française' for Éditions Atlas. Another historical book was 'Soldats de Lumière' in cooperation with André Simon for Lavauzelle in 1985.

L'Odyssee de Chicoria by Brice Goepfert
L'Odyssee de Chicoria

Goepfert then turned to advertising art. Among his assignment were the album 'L'Odyssee de Chicoria' for Chicorée Leroux in 1987, and 108 pantomime comic strips and a comic book for Malabar chewing gum between 1991 and 1999. He returned to comics more prominent in 1995 when he created 'Le Fou du Roy' with writer Patrick Cothias. This series about Molière's youth was published by Glénat until 2004. Goepfert additionally wrote and drew 'Le Lys Noir' for the same publisher in 2000-2002. He succeeded François Dermaut as the artist of 'Les Chemins de Malefosse', and has continued this series with writer Daniel Bardet since 2005.

Le Fou du Roy by Brice Goepfert
Le Fou du Roy

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