Millie the Model by Stan Goldberg
Millie the Model (1966)

Stan Goldberg started his career in 1949 at the age of sixteen, as a staff artist for Timely (which is now Marvel), where he was in charge of the color department. Goldberg continued to color Marvel comics until 1970, and has created the color designs for many famous Silver Age characters, including 'Spider-Man', 'The Fantastic Four' and 'The Hulk'. He also illustrated a couple of ghost stories for Atlas titles like Marvel Tales. Goldberg went freelance in 1958, and also enrolled in New York City's School of Visual Arts to study TV storyboarding.

Debbil Dawg, by Stan Goldberg

In addition, he succeeded Dan De Carlo as the artist of the 'Millie the Model' title, making it a bit more realistic in the 1963-67 period. He also worked as an artist and co-plotter with Stan Lee on the teen title 'Patsy Walker'. Goldberg left Marvel in 1969 and began working on a couple of DC's teen titles, including 'Date with Debbie', 'Swing with Scooter' and 'Binky'.

Betty by Stan Goldberg

He began a long collaboration with Archie Comics afterwards, drawing for many of the companies for several decades. His work appeared in titles like 'Archie and Me', 'Betty and Me', 'Everything's Archie', 'Life with Archie', 'Archie's Pals 'n' Gals', 'Archie at Riverdale High', 'Laugh', 'Pep', 'Sabrina The Teenage Witch', the one-shot 'Archie's Ham Radio Adventure', and the 1990 movie tie-in 'To Riverdale and Back Again'. He was the leading artist on the general 'Archie' title from the mid-1990s to 2006. From 1975 until 1980, Goldberg drew the 'Archie' Sunday page for the newspapers.

Goldberg has additionally drawn gag cartoons for men's magazines, created a classic pop art billboard ("No Cal Soda"), illustrated issues of DC's 'Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew' series in the early 1980s, and the Jewish-themed children's comic 'Mendy and the Golem' in 2003. Beginning in 2012, he began illustrating children's graphic novels starring 'Nancy Drew' and 'The Three Stooges' for the publisher Papercutz. That year he also drew an anti-bullying educational comic, called 'Rise Above', for the organization Rise Above Social Issues. Stan Goldberg passed away from the results of a stroke on 31 August 2014.

Millie the Model, by Stan Goldberg

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