Les Débrouillards, by Jacques Goldstyn

Fascinated by comics and drawing since his early childhood, Jacques Goldstyn chose a scientific career and studied geology at the University of Montréal. He combined his education with his hobby and became the principal illustrator of the magazine Hebdo-Science in 1980. Later on, he also began the series 'Irréalité Virtuelle' in this magazine. In 1982, he joined the scientific magazine Je Me Petit-Débrouille. He became the staff artist, and made illustrations with 'Les Petits Débrouillards'. He also drew comics with the characters, as well as a new series 'La Bande à Beppo'. He created several side-characters for 'Les Petits Débrouillards', and one of them, 'Van l'Inventeur' even became popular in China.

Toto, by Jacques Goldstyn

Besides his long collaboration with Je Me Petit-Débrouille (retitled to Les Débrouillards in 1992), Goldstyn also began a collaboration with Croc. He did several illustrations, as well as the section 'Les Fiches du Neurone Banni' in cooperation with Luc Déry and Yves Lapierre. In 1994, he began the series 'Toto le Bosniaque', and cooperated with magazines like Pomme d'Api, J'Aime Lire, Québec-Science and Interface. Under the pseudonym Boris, he drew editorial cartoons for Nouvelles CSN and Le Couac. He is also a regular contributor to BD Vélo.

Les Petits Débrouillards, by Jacques Goldstyn

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