Vakur Barut by Suat Gonulay

Suat Gönülay is one of Turkey's most popular comic artists. Born in Samsun, he began his career in Lak-Lak, and then became a caricaturist for Fırt and Gırgır, under the guidance of Oğuz Aral. He also made his first comics for Gırgır, before becoming a regular comic artist with Limon. He then contributed to Hıbır, Avni and Dıgıl, and was also an editor for the latter. He eventually worked for television and the cinema, but has continued to make comics and cartoons for L-Manyak, Penguen and Rodeo Strip.

Comic for Limon by Suat Gonulay
Son Kuvayi Milliyeci (Limon, 1987)

Among his comic creations are 'Vakur Barut', 'Son Kuvva-i Milliyeci', 'Baltalar Elimizde' and 'Halkim Istesin Hemen'. He is the author of books like 'Hayatım Roman/Baltalar Elimizde' (Joker Yayın, 1991), 'Ben Yaşarım' (Mürekkep Yayınları, 2010), 'Sonsuz Cuma Günü' (Destek Yayınları, 2012) and 'Halkım İstesin Hemen' (Mürekkep Yayınları, 2013).

Comic art by Suat Gonulay

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