Chicho Duranon by Gaspar Gonzalez

Gaspar González Díaz was born in Manzanillo in the south of Cuba. He attended the Garcés Art Academy, where his classmates gave him the nickname Gasparito. He began his career in 1956 with an advertising agency. After the Cuban Revolution of 1959, he ventured into the world of television together with Manuel Acevedo Laborde, Palmieri, Manuel Lamar and Fresquito Fresquet. The team produced animated films like 'El Loro Granjero', 'El Cofre' and 'Cuidemos nuestras flores'.

González is best-known for creating 'Chuncha' in 1965. The old lady starred in comic strips that were published in publications like Muñequitos and the daily El Muñe, but most notably in a series of animated cartoons. Gaspar also drew 'Musulungo' for Ediciones en Colores, and was part of Fidel Morales' team of ©Linéa magazine. He worked with Lillo on the comic strip 'Chicho Durañón' in Mello.

Chuncha by Gaspar Gonzalez

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